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RV Camper Trailer

Have you ever dreamed of a vacation on the go, where you just travel wherever you want yet bring with you the convenience, comfort and beauty of your home?

A vacation where you just go on your own pace taking all the time to stay and look at a beautiful spot for sunset?

Well, you may be dreaming of a travel on wheels, a rv camper trailer, where there’s no need for the rush to get to place you want and not find a hotel because it’s in the middle of nowhere. Imagine the comfort of travel without worry and stress of inflexible schedules, advance reservations, long lines, overbooking, and lost luggage.

Or what about no flights to catch, no security hassles, no hauling of heavy bags in and out of costly hotel rooms. Yes, there’s no place like home, particularly if you can bring home with you wherever you go and whenever you want.

One of the best rv camper trailers that can be found available today is the TrailManor rv camper trailer. TrailManor expandable rv camper trailer is ideal for people who want to step up from the tent trailer, but don’t want the difficulty of a conventional travel trailer.

Here are some features of the TrailManor rv camper trailer that makes it one of the best travel trailers in the market today.

What To Look For In A RV Camper Trailer

  • Easy Setup - You can open and close a TrailManor rv camper trailer in the rain without everything inside getting wet. It's as easy as opening a car trunk, no cranks or cables. First you release the latches that keep the trailer secure for towing. Then an easy pull opens the top sections. These are especially counter balanced, so it's as simple as opening a car trunk. You have permanent beds, but you don't have to wrestle with bed supports, because they pull out automatically. You get more time to relax, because it takes almost no time to set up. In fact, you can set up a TrailManor rv camper trailer in as little as two minutes. Its innovative system of opening is reliable and comes with a warranty.
  • Easy Towing -The light weight and low profile makes TrailManor rv camper trailer easier and safer to tow, plus you get better gas mileage. That makes this rv camper trailer an ideal choice for today's smaller vehicles, including 6-cylinder SUV's, pickups (Pick Up Camper), and even minivans. The unique TrailManor design gives you the easy towing of a tent camper, plus features you'd expect to find only in upright travel trailers. TrailManor rv camper trailer provides uniquely easy towing per pound due to the very low wind drag and the very stable ride resulting from axle placement.
  • Fits in a garage - Imagine being able to store a full-sized travel trailer in your garage, you can also choose the patented swing-around tongue which reduces storage length by two feet. The 26-foot models fit neatly into a 17 1/2-foot garage.
  • More Comfort - Features include a hardwall bathroom with tub, a complete kitchen, a luxurious interior, and hardwall construction for security and comfort (no canvas bedrooms). You can camp in comfort and luxury. The highly-insulated walls keep you warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.

When shopping for a rv camper trailer, always look into details, easy towing, easy setup, more comfort, and fits in the garage are important factors that you should consider in deciding what type of rv camper trailer to choose. There are many rv camper trailers in the market today, all you need to do is know how to choose and decide.