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RV Camper Insurance Coverage

As recreational vehicles, or RVs, are mobile property that have the ability to cause damage to other people and their property, these vehicles are not covered by the regular home owner's insurance. As a result RV owners have to find RV insurance coverage and figure out the amount of coverage they need. Thankfully, there are many different kinds of RV camper insurance coverage.

RV Camper Liability Insurance

This insurance cover is very similar to the liability insurance that each state in the US requires vehicle owners to have. This insurance covers property damage and physical injuries that the RV owner may cause. It is also referred to as Bodily Injury and Property Damage Insurance and can be taken out for different types of RVs, including campers, motor home and travel trailers.

Insurance Coverage for the Home Part of the RV Camper

As RVs are not just vehicles, but also homes, RV camper owners can purchase additional insurance to cover personal property within the camper, plumbing and electricity. The amount of time and the facilities contained within the home portion of the RV camper determines the amount of insurance owners should opt for. As a rule of thumb, the more the time and effort put into the RV camper, the more insurance the owner needs.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

This kind of RV camper insurance coverage protects the owner from paying any damage caused due to natural forces and for which the owner cannot be held accountable. The natural forces that the insurance covers includes floods, fire and fall rocks. However, this insurance for RV campers is not mandatory and owners have the option of buying or not buying it.

RV Camper Insurance Coverage

RV camper owners should only buy insurance that they need. This requires careful consideration and checking the different insurance plans and seeing what they cover. Once the RV camper owner is satisfied with the coverage, he can go ahead and buy the insurance. Basically the insurance coverage should fit into the owner's needs and budget.