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Camper Tops for Pickup Trucks

Camper tops are generally a protective shell that is mounted at the top of the rear bed of pickup trucks. The importance and benefits of using camper tops for pickup trucks are mostly experienced by people who travel a lot. The camper tops are designed to provide the experience of a comfortable and exciting journey by helping the traveler stay protected from the rugged and rough conditions of the place and travel. The camper tops are self-contained units or a housing unit and are also called shells or caps.

Types of Camper Tops

Camper tops are generally classified based on the types of materials they are made of and also based on their units. There are generally four types of Camper tops namely the hard top shells, soft top shells, single unit and multi unit shells. Hard tops shells are made of tough materials and thus are more durable, strong and rigid. Hard top shells generally have windows on their rear and sides for ventilation purpose. Soft top shells are made out of canvas and thus are less durable but more flexible than hard top shells. Soft top shells have zipped sides that can be rolled down and rolled up whenever necessary instead of windows. Soft top shells are less sturdy but are easier for storage. It is possible to dismantle multi unit shells into separate parts but cannot be done the same with single unit shells.

Benefits of Camper Tops

Camper tops provides convenient options for accommodation of campers. They not only help in accommodation but also serve as a great storage location during camping. By using a camper top an ordinary pickup truck can be used both as a utility truck and also as a camper. It contributes to making a relaxed and comfortable space for living during a journey and serves as a weather shield as they are resistant to different types of weather conditions.